Graduation Identity

For this project I had to design a visual identity for my own graduation. The collateral I needed to design included a program booklet, an email invitation and Instagram carousel posts.

The theme of the graduation was “Dare to Design a Beautiful Future” and I needed to convert it into an illustration. In my composition I had a girl, who dared to jump into a world of design to reach the beautiful future, that is shown as a treasure chest.

The back cover of the booklet has a different variation of the illustration, where the girl was brave enough to jump into the ocean and reached the treasure chest.

Visual Identity

The task for this project was to choose an existing conference and create a visual identity for it, which included a new logo, key visual, homepage for the event’s website, pole banners, attendee and speaker badges, and multiple items of swag.

The event of my choice was Canada’s Bridal Show which is held annually in Toronto. My theme was Winter Wonderland and I created a pattern with snowflakes and diamonds that was used for all the items designed for this event.

My hope is that the street pole banners with this eye-catching illustration would attract people to visit the show.