The task for this project was to create an infographic for display in a community centre. I could choose any topic I liked, but it had to be educational. Moreover, there had to be included graphs, at least three spot illustrations, numerical data and a quotation suitable for my topic.

The topic of my choice was “How to Start Your Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle”. I made a pie chart graph and a column graph, combining them with illustrations to make them look fun and interesting to look at. It was allowed to use just 6 colors (plus tints) in total for this design, and I tried to choose the colors that would be used for more than one illustration; for example, I used yellow for bananas, cheese, eggs and flowers.

I hope that my infographic design looks fun and eye-catching to make the visitors of a community centre stop and read the information in it.

Visual Identity

The task for this project was to choose an existing conference and create a visual identity for it, which included a new logo, key visual, homepage for the event’s website, pole banners, attendee and speaker badges, and multiple items of swag.

The event of my choice was Canada’s Bridal Show which is held annually in Toronto. My theme was Winter Wonderland and I created a pattern with snowflakes and diamonds that was used for all the items designed for this event.

My hope is that the street pole banners with this eye-catching illustration would attract people to visit the show.

Illustrative Map

The assignment was to design a decorative map of any attraction of my choice. I chose Lapland, Finland, as I think there are plenty of attractions and fun things to do there that gave me an inspiration to create the map.

I was allowed to use only six colors for the whole design and I decided to choose the colors that would represent snow, ice, night sky, northern lights and Santa Claus. My icons were made with an artistic brush in a sketch style that allowed me to use just one or two colors.
Even though this is a decorative map, it still shows the approximate location of the attractions as on the real map of Lapland.

The illustrations from the map can also be used to create a pattern for a gift wrapping paper, for example, stickers, as well as holiday cards or postcards.

I hope that when people see my map, they would want to keep it as a fun illustration or a souvenir of the place they have been to or would like to visit some day.