Illustrative Map

The assignment was to design a decorative map of any attraction of my choice. I chose Lapland, Finland, as I think there are plenty of attractions and fun things to do there that gave me an inspiration to create the map.

I was allowed to use only six colors for the whole design and I decided to choose the colors that would represent snow, ice, night sky, northern lights and Santa Claus. My icons were made with an artistic brush in a sketch style that allowed me to use just one or two colors.
Even though this is a decorative map, it still shows the approximate location of the attractions as on the real map of Lapland.

The illustrations from the map can also be used to create a pattern for a gift wrapping paper, for example, stickers, as well as holiday cards or postcards.

I hope that when people see my map, they would want to keep it as a fun illustration or a souvenir of the place they have been to or would like to visit some day.