Display/Social Media Ads

These are the display ads created for three different school projects, and for each ad campaign it was required to design two variations of ads for potential marketing testing.

It is important to do a research about the company’s target market, products, services or promotions, that’s why, as an example, I used an existing business to create the ads for. The color palette and typefaces I used for the ads were usually matching the website of the chosen company. I tried to use serious vs funny images, or images vs illustrations to see during the A/B testing what will get more attantion and clicks.

I hope that people will find my display ads visually attractive and they will want to click on the ads to learn more about the products or services promoted.

Graduation Identity

For this project I had to design a visual identity for my own graduation. The collateral I needed to design included a program booklet, an email invitation and Instagram carousel posts.

The theme of the graduation was “Dare to Design a Beautiful Future” and I needed to convert it into an illustration. In my composition I had a girl, who dared to jump into a world of design to reach the beautiful future, that is shown as a treasure chest.

The back cover of the booklet has a different variation of the illustration, where the girl was brave enough to jump into the ocean and reached the treasure chest.

Travel Ad

For this project my task was to design an ad for a travel destination of my choice. The composition had to be done in Photoshop using from five to eight different images.

The travel destination of my choice was Lviv, Ukraine. It is an old and beautiful city with a rich history and I wanted to show it in my ad. The city is known as a “City of Lion”, that’s why I included a detail with a lion in my composition, as well as an image of the old historical buildings on the background. The typeface choice also adds a historical feeling to the composition.

I hope that after seeing my ad, people would be interested in visiting Lviv and finding out more about this travel destination.


The task for this project was to create an infographic for display in a community centre. I could choose any topic I liked, but it had to be educational. Moreover, there had to be included graphs, at least three spot illustrations, numerical data and a quotation suitable for my topic.

The topic of my choice was “How to Start Your Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle”. I made a pie chart graph and a column graph, combining them with illustrations to make them look fun and interesting to look at. It was allowed to use just 6 colors (plus tints) in total for this design, and I tried to choose the colors that would be used for more than one illustration; for example, I used yellow for bananas, cheese, eggs and flowers.

I hope that my infographic design looks fun and eye-catching to make the visitors of a community centre stop and read the information in it.

Movie Poster

After receiving a storyline of a fictional movie called “The Life of a Speedrunner”, my task was to create a poster in Photoshop, combining a few different images.

I wanted my poster to be clear, but interesting, so people had an idea what the movie might be about. I was trying to find the typeface for the title that would somehow show the speed and I think I found exactly what I needed. Adding some color and motion effects to the image made it look more interesting and eye-catching.

I hope that when seeing this poster, people would want to know more about the movie and would want to watch it in the cinema.

Visual Identity

The task for this project was to choose an existing conference and create a visual identity for it, which included a new logo, key visual, homepage for the event’s website, pole banners, attendee and speaker badges, and multiple items of swag.

The event of my choice was Canada’s Bridal Show which is held annually in Toronto. My theme was Winter Wonderland and I created a pattern with snowflakes and diamonds that was used for all the items designed for this event.

My hope is that the street pole banners with this eye-catching illustration would attract people to visit the show.


For this project my task was to design a double gate travel brochure that would include three attractions. The design was supposed to have a motif that would appear throughout all the panels of brochure and would make it look cohesive.

I chose British Columbia as a travel destination for my brochure and the three main attractions were mountain bike parks. I know that BC is a very popular place for mountain bikers from all around the world, and many people have it in their bucket lists, so I chose the best and most popular parks in the province as the main attractions. I wanted my brochure to include the photos of the riders in action as well as beautiful sceneries of British Columbia in order for the audience to see what to expect from the chosen travel destination. My motif was a bike chain that went throughout the brochure combining everything together.

I hope that my brochure design will attract more people to visit bike parks and resorts, even if they are not riders.

Field Guide

For this project I was supposed to create a field guide of any specimens using only typographic elements to create illustrations. The type could not be cut or stretched, or changed in any way.

The subject of my field guide was Poisonous Plants and I chose different typefaces for each specimen depending what the plant looked like. For example, for the Lily of the Valley illustration I used rounded typeface, when for the Stinging Nettle I found a typrface with sharp edges.
As a background for my plants I used a bottle outline to make it look like an old poison bottle.

I hope that people would find this field guide not only beautiful and fun to look at, but also interesting and educational.

Illustrative Map

The assignment was to design a decorative map of any attraction of my choice. I chose Lapland, Finland, as I think there are plenty of attractions and fun things to do there that gave me an inspiration to create the map.

I was allowed to use only six colors for the whole design and I decided to choose the colors that would represent snow, ice, night sky, northern lights and Santa Claus. My icons were made with an artistic brush in a sketch style that allowed me to use just one or two colors.
Even though this is a decorative map, it still shows the approximate location of the attractions as on the real map of Lapland.

The illustrations from the map can also be used to create a pattern for a gift wrapping paper, for example, stickers, as well as holiday cards or postcards.

I hope that when people see my map, they would want to keep it as a fun illustration or a souvenir of the place they have been to or would like to visit some day.

Book Design

For this project my task was to design a book from the public domain as a special anniversary edition.

I chose to design a collection of fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen. There are many variations of designs for this particular book and when researching the covers, I noticed that most of them are done in the children’s book style, usually using colorful illustrations of the main character in the front.

My design looks totally different from others and is made more for older audience who like to collect classic stories. I also decided to include the main characters of the fairy tales on my book cover, however, instead of bright colors I used a black leather background with a gold foiling ornaments. As for me, this kind of design and materials make it look as a special edition book and not just the average children’s book, and it would be a nice collectible item in someone’s book collection.