For this project my task was to design a double gate travel brochure that would include three attractions. The design was supposed to have a motif that would appear throughout all the panels of brochure and would make it look cohesive.

I chose British Columbia as a travel destination for my brochure and the three main attractions were mountain bike parks. I know that BC is a very popular place for mountain bikers from all around the world, and many people have it in their bucket lists, so I chose the best and most popular parks in the province as the main attractions. I wanted my brochure to include the photos of the riders in action as well as beautiful sceneries of British Columbia in order for the audience to see what to expect from the chosen travel destination. My motif was a bike chain that went throughout the brochure combining everything together.

I hope that my brochure design will attract more people to visit bike parks and resorts, even if they are not riders.